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With factoring, you are able to get the cash you need to grow your company and pursue new opportunities, even if you’ve been turned down by the bank.


Your Invoice
You provide a product or service to your customer and send them an invoice. You choose not to wait 30 or more days to receive your earned revenue.

You sell this invoice to Evergreen Working Capital taking advantage of your earned revenue now. You can choose which invoices you would like to factor - it is completely up to you.

Initial Pay Out
Evergreen then advances you 80-90% of the cash from that invoice within 24 hours. This gives you the bulk of your earned revenue and accelerates your cash flow.

Invoice Paid
Evergreen receives payment for that invoice from your customer.

Upon receipt of customer payment, Evergreen then pays you the remainder of the invoice amount, minus our transaction fee (typically between 1 - 3% depending on volume).

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