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Reliable Cash Flow
Reliable cash flow allows you to make payroll and vendor payments on time, consistently without worry and may qualify your company for better terms or discounts with your suppliers. Factoring also provides you the flexibility necessary to take advantage of profitable opportunities in your market.

Factoring should be used with the expectation of increased profitability – either immediately or in the near term. When used as intended, factoring speeds up cash flow to allow a company to grow sales, which leads to increased profitability and improved financial stability.

Not a Loan
Factoring is not debt - it is simply paying you the money you’ve already earned - faster.

No Equity Strings Attached
With invoice factoring, there is no need to bring in investors which allows you to maintain your current level of ownership.

Close Supplier Payment Gap
Sometimes payment schedules for suppliers don’t match up with end user payment schedules. Close the gap, and continue to grow with factoring.

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