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We welcome referrals from bankers, consultants, PEO organizations and other financial advisors. When your clients do not meet bank lending criteria, that’s good indication debt financing is not appropriate. Take the opportunity to explore the benefits and flexibility of factoring with Evergreen. We offer incentive programs for referrals, and provide services that benefit both you and your client.


No Risk
No liability or risk exposure for banks or other referrers.

Referral Fee
Once the transaction is complete, referrers have the opportunity to receive a referral fee.

Additional Support
A viable alternative to debt shows your partners or customers that you are finding additional ways to support their business.

Grow Your Client Relationship
Win-Win for you and your growing client/partner. While Evergreen funds their receivables you can focus on handling financial, human resources or other services.

Client Financial Stability
In a normal situation where a client is using factoring to fund growth, their financial stability and solvency improves as a result of increased profitability.

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